Text Book Chapter Publications

international-flap-manual-a-practical-guide-for-anatomical-clinical-dissection-of-flaps-for-reconstructive-surgeryI have authored a number of chapters in the soon to be released textbook “An International Manual of Flaps” K Schokrolahi, IS Whitaker, F Nahai (editors)

  • “The Pedicled Omental Flap for Sternal Reconstruction” P Moradi, C Durrant, S Wood.
  • “Medial gastrocnemius muscle flap for lower limb reconstruction” Moradi P, Atherton D, Hetteriatchy S, Nanchahal J.
  • “Jejunal Flap Reconstruction for Circumferential Pharyngolaryngectomy Defects” Moradi P, Wood S.
  • “Lateral Arm Free Flap for Head and Neck Reconstruction” Moradi P, Ho K.
  • “The Pedicled ORAM for Perineal Reconstruction”. Durrant C, Moradi P, Wood S.
  • “Ulna Artery Forearm Fasciocutaneous flap” Sjarif A, Moradi P